French Tutor with the Most Extensive Experience

Our company offers highly qualified french tutoring services. Here, we use only the most effective methods of learning French as a foreign language. If you were trying to find a French tutor, sending requests like study French near me, but had no results, our service is exactly what you need.

We meet the needs of all students who are looking for a French tutor near me online.

A distinctive feature of our French tutoring service is that our professionals are not only native speakers, but they do have an equivalent degree to ensure the highest quality of assistance. We have managed to develop several specialized courses like the following:

  • French lessons for those wishing to improve academic performance at school;
  • French tutoring for students who want to learn this language as a foreign one from scratch;
  • Homework help with French subjects;
  • Business French tutoring.

Our goal is to help you become fluent in French so that any homework assignment won’t make trouble for you. Achieving such a goal, you will need to have not only a sound knowledge of grammar but also an in-depth understanding of French cultural peculiarities.

In our company, we help all the students who were looking for French tutors near me with mastering strong verbal and written skills to ensure our clients can listen, understand, and respond in French appropriately.

Our French tutors offer learning sessions for students worldwide through interactive language games, modeling, communication, and a variety of exercises. Learning French with us has never been easier!

Choose Our French Tutor as We Have the Best Pros!

Our team only gathers graduates who are interested in education and love their work. We strive to ensure that every teacher conducts precisely those lessons that meet the customer’s level of knowledge and interests.

Thus, we have teachers who work only with middle school students; others cooperate only with high school attendants; many French tutors are only involved in preparing learners for exams, etc.

We pay attention to the education of tutors itself so that we hold classes on the methodology of private French tutoring.

All our teachers are people with an active lifestyle, striving for good results in everything they engage in! Every teacher improves the skills day after day to ensure our students get the assistance of the highest quality.

They can create a comfortable learning atmosphere for everyone to choose the right rhythm and material for work. Employing our teachers, we select only the best. You can find information about them on the Internet, read their publications and articles. We are proud of our team and our teachers!

Tutoring French is our pride. With the help of our French tutor, you can prepare for the following exams: DELF, DALF, e-TEF, e-TEFàQ. What’s more, we have an internal database of these test samples so that you can take them for free to evaluate your level and proceed with preparation with our French tutor.

Learning Language with a French Tutor Is Beneficial!

Our professional French tutors are specialists with years of experience in this field. All of them are native speakers, teachers, and talented mentors. Taking classes with them, you’ll have the following perks:

  • Regular conversational practice. Communication is a fundamental step to learn a language. Face-to-face sessions are available online worldwide thanks to digital technologies;
  • Customer care. Our support team will assist you throughout the whole learning process. No matter whether you are trying to place the order or ask some peculiar questions from the online tutor, they are always here to help you. Our team will do everything to make your experience of cooperation exceptional;
  • A new level of language as soon as after two months of classes. We highly recommend you take French courses at least two times a week so that you can improve your language skills as soon as possible. Nevertheless, every customer has an opportunity to choose a comfortable schedule himself;
  • New experience. The teacher will tell you about French culture, language features, colloquial phrases, and help you quickly learn new word combinations. We use many innovations from digital applications to unique, sophisticated teaching techniques;
  • There will be no fear. The most common problem among those who are learning a language is: “I understand everything, I can say nothing.” Speaking a foreign language is a skill that can be trained like many others, and the faster you start practicing, the sooner the fear will go away;
  • Efficiency. Classes with a French tutor are the most effective learning option if you want to master the language. If you already know some of the grammar rules, or if you have a passive vocabulary and you understand a lot, it’s time to learn how to start speaking.

Don’t Look for Your French Tutor Elsewhere – Begin Your Lessons Now!

Individual lessons allow the teacher to choose the optimal method of covering the aspects of any language. The most important part is that the focus is on the needs of a particular student. Every teacher at our platform knows how to adapt to the student’s learning pace and use the time of the lesson as efficiently as possible.

Our learning programs are developed in such a way that they could be redesigned to meet the needs and expectations of a particular student.

In addition to the lessons, an extensive database of learning materials (audio, video sessions) is presented on our platform. We emphasize the development of all four main competencies (speaking, reading, writing, listening).

Depending on the goals, the student can choose the type of classes and combine them:

  • Grammar sessions. Classes are aimed at explaining and accumulating the knowledge of grammar rules and constructions, helping students to be clear, competent, and concise in speech and writing.
  • Classes for enhancement of the vocabulary. These sessions are aimed at improving vocabulary and enriching your speech. The emphasis is on colloquial phrases, frequently used word combinations, etc.
  • Specialized classes. Classes aimed at a narrower scope of the learning language. These sessions are suitable for students who need ground knowledge of French for entrance exams or official French exams.

So, choose the program that fits your needs best and start cooperating with the best French tutor today!